Ana-Kristina Skrapac RD

Specialist Child & Adolescent Dietitian

Ana-Kristina is a Specialist Paediatric Dietitian for infants, children and adolescents, offering private consultations in her Harley Street clinic. Ana-Kristina specialises in paediatric gastroenterology and food allergy; feeding difficulties and eating problems.


Healthy eating begins with wholesome foods within the family home. Ana-Kristina believes access to healthy foods and food sustainability are important issues.

She advocates for healthy food in schools and healthy communities.


Nutrition may be seen as the cornerstone of health. As a Paediatric Dietitian, Ana-Kristina has expert nutrition knowledge.

She believes nutrition is important at each stage of development in a child’s life, important foundations being set before birth, during pregnancy and continuing right through life.


Ana-Kristina hopes to  influence people’s view of food and healthy eating through her nutrition consultancy work.

She works closely with health agencies in promoting healthy messages for children. Ana-Kristina hopes to dispel food and nutrition myths and contribute to improved knowledge through her work.



Infants & Children

Ana-Kristina has years of experience in working with families of infants and children suffering with a range of conditions affecting feeding. She offers expert advice on the management of complex nutritional problems and ensures her practice is up to date and evidence based.

Nutrition is fundamental to children’s growth and development from birth into the early years and beyond. Whatever your child’s needs are, Ana-Kristina will provide a thorough nutritional assessment and offer tailored advice.



Adolescent nutrition is complex and a good understanding of nutritional needs for optimal growth and development is essential.

Ana-Kristina has broad clinical expertise from working with adolescents suffering from a range of acute and chronic conditions. She is trained in motivational and behavioural counseling techniques. Her years of experience and understanding has helped guide many young people to find a balance towards managing healthful eating practices.