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Establishing Healthy Eating Habits with your Child

September 21, 2015

Eating habits are established early in life and form the eating behaviours that children carry forward into adolescent and adult years. It is never too early to start helping...

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Understanding Portion Sizes for children

September 14, 2015

Today, let’s take a look at the guidance on what is a portion size for different foods in each food group and how to achieve the right balance between...

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Encouraging Active Play and Sport for children

September 9, 2015

Today is National Fitness Day which is a great time to talk about encouraging your child to be active in their play. Taking children to the park or encouraging...

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Healthy Balanced Lunchboxes for children

August 19, 2015

As the summer holidays begin to reel in, and the new school term approaches; parents face the recurring challenge, what-to-pack-for-lunch. Most parents will agree that it often feels like...

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Blogger event: Lunchbox tasties

August 7, 2015

Do you fear the dreaded school lunchbox? You are not alone! Lunchboxes can be a challenge for parents, with so much advice out there on what children can and...

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